Lusty Layers

Primitivo is Italian for Zinfandel. Big, mouth-filling, fruit and spice flavor complexity which makes dinner quite simply, optional. Fine, I’ll say it: I am a sucker for it. I do not mean that pink stuff that I’ve come to know as “wine with training wheels…”

No, Snobs, I am talking about that deep purple lust in a glass—Primitivo! It can and probably should be enjoyed with your favorite cut of beef or a pasta dish with a robust Bolognese Sauce. But the best Primativo can stand alone.

Hungry? So was I as I ran into my local Smart and Final. I always peruse the first aisle on my way in to grab a rotisserie chicken. Why? It’s the red aisle, of course. Maybe I’ll find a deal… I was rewarded handsomely for my efforts last Saturday! One or two shelves up from the $4.99 Yellow Tail assorted varietals (Coco told you about those earlier) was the $22.99 bottle of Layer Cake Primativo v. 2012 on sale for $10.99! That is v for vintage AND victory, my friends! Did I still get the chicken you might wonder? Of course! I threw a snappy pasta with red sauce next to it and presto- dinner!

This wine cares a bit about sustainability, I thought as I unscrewed the top. While cork may have an air of pomp-and-circumstance, a screwtop lid is much more environmentally friendly and can be recycled with your bottle!

As I poured , I found the color surprisingly a tad more garnet than purple. Though disappointment tried to creep into my heart, I forged on with my sniff, swirl, sniff process. Mmmmm…..vanilla and plum on the nose. As for taste, complexity reigned: black fruit, plumb, and herbaceous cinnamon. Lovely; not disappointing at all! Delicious and oh-so-pleasantly drinkable. You better hurry on over to your nearest Smart and Final, Broke Wine Snobs! I went back to mine on Sunday for 2 more bottles! The eternal question remains: which will finish first? The sale or the wine?


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